We are always on the lookout for training Centres or trainers that would like to become an Approved Centre/Trainer. By becoming an Approved Centre or Trainer, you can allow your learners to take Approved Quality qualifications in a wide range of subject areas.

What becoming a centre means

To be able to deliver qualifications your business will need to become an approved centre and gain qualification approval for the qualification(s) you wish to deliver.
Achieving approved centre status means that you have all the necessary policies, procedures, systems and resources in place to assure the quality and integrity of the qualifications and programmes you provide to learners.

Which organisations can become a centre?

In theory any organisation can become a centre. You could be a large food business, a small learning provider, a college or a university. It doesn’t matter, as long as you have the right elements in place to meet the approved centre criteria. Of course, meeting approved centre criteria requires certain resources, rigorous processes and expertise. Before you embark on the approval process you may want to speak to us to gain a little more information, please feel free to call on 07557648059 as we would be delighted to assist.

To become an Approved Centre, simply register with us by filling in the contact information below. Once you have done this we’ll send you the documents required to complete your registration and you can then start the process (which we can happily guide you through if required).


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