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Falls from height result in the largest number of workplace fatalities (HSE statistics). Our Working at Heights training course gives candidates an understanding of safe work from height, helping to reduce the chances of fatal injury when implemented correctly.

The Working at Heights Regulations 2005 state that no person should be allowed to engage in a working at height activity, unless competent to do so, which makes it necessary for staff to receive adequate training.

Course Contents

Candidates will learn important topics including completion of risk assessments, identifying hazards and choosing the correct equipment. The full course content is:

  • Working at heights definition
  • Completing and implementing risk assessments
  • The merits of risk assessments and safety inspections
  • Working at height legislation
  • Planning work
  • Choosing equipment
  • Basic maintenance and safety procedures
  • Hazard identification

Assessment and Certification

Candidates will undertake a short multiple-choice test paper to test their understanding.

Successful candidates will receive certificates accredited by Highfield Qualifications shortly after the training day.

We recommend renewing this qualification at least every 3 years to stay up to date with the latest procedures and legislation.

Who needs Working at Heights training?

The Working at Heights Regulations 2005 state,

“Every employer shall ensure that no person engages in any activity, including organisation, planning and supervision, in relation to work at height or work equipment for use in such work unless he is competent to do so or, if being trained, is being supervised by a competent person.”

Therefore, it is necessary for anyone involved in working at height activity to receive formal training.

This Working at Heights training course is for those working above or at ground level that are at risk of injury in the event of a fall. As a result, the course is ideal for those working on ladders, scaffolding or near to holes in the floor. This includes professions such as:

  • Tree surgeons
  • Electricians
  • Window cleaners
  • Construction workers
  • Gutter cleaners

This course serves as an excellent introduction, assumes no prior knowledge and is suitable for every employee, supervisor or team leader involved in work at height.

Working at Height Regulations 2005 Key Points

  • Employers need to properly plan work, including appropriate supervision and a safe manner of working.
  • No Working at height takes place in unsafe weather conditions.
  • No person should engage in a working at height activity unless they are competent to do so.
  • Completion of Working at height risk assessments, prior to works.
  • Where possible, avoiding working at height activities.
  • Where practicable, someone falling from height is prevented sufficiently.
  • Employees must respect the dangers of working at height and use work equipment in accordance with the training provided.

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