Arko training Ltd (Arko) fully supports the principles of equality of opportunity and diversity, and is committed to promoting these principles in all its activities and in its published material. In partnership with its Trainers Arko will ensure that all its learners have equal and open access to Arko qualifications and assessment. This policy universally covers equality of opportunity and diversity in:

a. the development of products and services, e.g. online materials, qualifications, learning materials, external quality assurance.
b. the fair treatment, assessment and achievement of learners in the provision of Arko qualifications.

In its universal policy approach, Arko will ensure that all current legislation is accounted for and that the principles of equality of opportunity and diversity are upheld regardless of learners’ religion, beliefs, gender, age, racial origin, marital/civil partnership status, sexual orientation and transgender, disability, political views, family status, dependants, or any other ground or status.

For the purposes of this policy and in accordance with the General Conditions of Recognition reasonable adjustments are adjustments made to an assessment for a qualification so as to enable a disabled learner to demonstrate his or her knowledge, skills and understanding to the level of attainment required by the specification for that qualification. Arko Training Equality of opportunity and diversity policy Principles of equality of opportunity and diversity Akro will ensure that the principles of equality of opportunity and diversity are embedded in all its products and services by:

A. good practice recruitment and training of those working for/on behalf of Arko, e.g. training of trainers.
B. careful editing of the format, content and presentation of all Arko products and services, e.g. learning and assessment materials, reports.
C. internal monitoring of practices, procedures and data relating to the provision of qualifications and related assessment materials by Trainers
D. appropriate preparation, production and distribution of all material by Arko
E. the relaxation of any conventions which serve to inhibit the performance of those learners with reasonable adjustment requirements in relation to learners not so Arko Equality and Diversity.v.4.0 1st May 2016 disadvantaged, provided that such action does not have a deleterious effect on the standard, quality and integrity of assessment
F. justifying the inclusion of potential barriers to equality of opportunity and diversity in products and services where these are necessary, and seeking to minimise their impact.

Equality of opportunity and diversity policy

Arko is committed to working co-operatively with all appropriate national and local organisations/agencies to develop means of identifying and preventing inequality of opportunity, in the provision of Arko qualifications and related services, including trainer recruitment.

Data collection and analysis Equality of opportunity and diversity information/data is recorded by Arko, and additionally Arko collects similar information/data at point of registration of learners for all Arko qualifications.

This information/data is used to inform internal self-assessment for compliance. Dealing with equality of opportunity and diversity issues If the data regularly collected, requests for reasonable adjustments, complaints, enquiries, appeals or any other learner or stakeholder feedback suggests that Arko’s principles of equality and diversity are not being adhered to, or that the desired outcome is not being achieved, Arko will undertake a review of training, qualification(s), assessment, policy, procedure or activity that appears to be causing a problem.

Should this review highlight an issue, it will be resolved by, for example, re-writing a course or qualification, producing a new assessment, amending policies or procedures or providing further training to staff and/or consultants.

If a Trainer is found not to have implemented our equality of opportunity and diversity policy or if equality issues arise at centre, the matter will be discussed during quality assurance visits and rectified via agreed actions. If necessary, Arko will enforce the stages of its Sanctions Policy. Should the issue cause or have the potential to cause an adverse effect, Arko will report the matter to any AO or Ofqual.