To uphold the integrity of Arko qualifications, it is imperative that policies and procedures are put in place and strictly adhered to by Nominated Tutors and Invigilators.

It is the responsibility of the person designated as Tutors and Invigilators to ensure compliance with all Awarding bodies policies and procedures.

Arko will ensure that all Nominated Tutors and Invigilators are suitably trained to carry out these particular roles. All Nominated Tutors and Invigilators will be given access to the Awarding bodies policies and procedures. It is the responsibility of Arko Training to ensure that all chosen Nominated Tutors and Invigilators adhere to all Arko policies and procedures.

It is the responsibility of Arko Training to ensure that all Nominated Tutors and Invigilators are given a copy of the Awarding Bodies Examinations and Invigilation Regulations. Arko Training will try its best to inform the Awarding bodies of the date, time and venue of any examination at least five working days before it is due to take place although we do appreciate this is not always possible.

Ordering Paper-Based Examinations

All orders for paper-based examinations must be received by sent to the Awarding Bodies at least seven working days before the examination. All trainers will be given examination feedback forms trainers must return this form to Arko Training after each course taken, this form can be done by accessing the Arko Training website.

Storage of Examination Materials

Arko Training trainers and invigilators will check the content of examination materials received on receipt. Any discrepancies/damage should be communicated to the Centre Manger immediately upon receipt. The sealed security bag, containing each individual examination paper, must not be opened until no more than five minutes before the commencement of the examination. Prior to this, the examination papers should be kept in a locked, secure location. Papers be taken to a venue mus be transported in a secure, locked container.

Instructions to Learners

Arko Trainers will make clear to all learners well in advance of the examination that they should notify the Centre should they require reasonable adjustments and/or special consideration. (See Arko Training reasonable adjustment policy). All learners will receive joining instructions informing them of there requirements for the course including to bring identification to the examination for checking by the invigilator. This instruction should be given ahead of examination when the learner registers and/or with any pre-course materials. Learners are also informed that they are permitted to bring a dictionary (maths and English) and a calculator (maths only) for use in the appropriate examinations.
Changes in Venue, Time or Date of the Examination
Any changes to the venue, time or date of the examination will be notified to the Awarding body and learnes at least five working days before the examination was originally due to take place.

Cancellation of Examination

Should we have a requirement to cancel any examination, the Awarding body and learners will be informed within five working days’ notice in advance. In the event of an examination being cancelled, trainers and invigilators must return examination materials in the enclosed security bag. It is permissible to use the examination papers for an examination at a later date, as long as this date is within 2 calendar weeks of the original examination date and the procedures set out in the Examination and Invigilation Regulations are adhered to. Unused functional skills examination papers must be returned to Arko Training if not used within 2 calendar weeks of the original scheduled examination date.

Learner Identification

It is the responsibility of the Arko training to have a system in place to ensure that the person taking the examination is indeed the person they claim to be. All Trainers, Invigilators are therefore required to ensure that each learner’s identification is checked before they are allowed to sit the examination and write the type of identification provided by each learner on the Learner List under “Identification Provided”. Types of recommend proof of a Learners Identity:

other photographic ID card, e.g. employee ID card (must be current employer), student ID card, travel card. In the event that a learner is unable to produce any of the forms of identification listed in above, an invigilator may accept another form of identity containing a signature, for example a credit card.The invigilator must, however, be satisfied that the signature on the identity matches the learner’s own signature on the learner list. If a learner is unable to supply any of the above then verification of a learner’s identity by a third-party representative, such as a Line Manager, Human Resources Manager or invigilator, will be accepted. This situation may apply, for example, when all learners are employees of the Centre or company conducting the examination, or when all learners are either enrolled learners at a Further Education establishment or Centre.

Any Nominated Tutor and Invigilator who has any reason to suspect that a person attempting to take an examination is not the person they are claiming to be must not allow that person to take the examination. All occurrences of a situation as described in above must be reported to The Centre Manager immediately who will then inform the Awarding bodie.

Examination Materials

At the beginning of the examination, the invigilator must check they are in receipt of the following materials:


The invigilator must not be related to learners. Arko Training’s responsibility to ensure that the invigilator is suitable to invigilate examinations.

Prior to the Examination

Prior to the examination, Invigilators should:

Starting the Examination

Prior to the examination, Invigilators are required to:

During the Examination

The invigilator must supervise the learners at all times throughout the examination. Absolute silence must be maintained throughout the examination. Learners who arrive after the starting time for an examination may, at the discretion of the Invigilator, enter the room and sit the examination providing that they do not disturb the other learners. Learners who need to leave the examination room must be accompanied by an Invigilator, who must ensure that they do not speak to anyone else, make a telephone call or refer to any notes. Any learners wishing to leave the examination room early must hand in their examination paper and must not be readmitted to the room under any circumstances. In the event that an Invigilator observes or suspects a learner of cheating that learner should be asked to stop. Should the action be considered serious enough, a learner’s examination paper should be collected and the learner asked to leave the examination room. In this latter scenario the Invigilator must submit a written report to the Centre Manager who will notify The Awarding Body of the incident. For further guidance on Arko procedures for dealing with malpractice, please refer to the Maladministration and Malpractice Policy. Invigilators are expected to remind the learners of the time remaining approximately 15 minutes before the end of the examination.


In the event of an emergency, the Invigilator should evacuate the examination venue in accordance with venue procedures. All examination papers should be left on the learners’ desks. If an Invigilator is satisfied that the integrity of the examination has not been compromised, the examination can be resumed for the remaining allocated time. The Invigilator must submit a full report of the incident to the Centre Manager who will report this to the Awarding Body.

The End of the Examination

After the examination has finished, the Invigilator should ask all learners to note the examination finish time on their examination paper and sign the document in the bottom right-hand corner. The Invigilator should check to ensure that the number of completed examination papers matches the number of learners. She/he should also check to ensure that the learners have correctly entered their details on to examination front sheet. The Invigilator should also check to ensure that she/he signs the declaration for the examination and any approval forms for learners who have special arrangements in place. Details of any extenuating circumstances should also be recorded. The Invigilator should check the dates of birth are entered for all candidates.

After the Examination

The invigilator must place the examination papers and other materials referred to in the security bag and seal this whilst in the examination room in front of a witness. On no occasion should the invigilator leave the examination room without the examination papers being sealed in the security bag. Under no circumstances should the examination papers be taken out of the venue in an unsealed bag. It is NOT permitted to copy any part of the examination question paper. Unused examination papers must be returned to the Center Manager.

Results and Certificates

Arko Training will be notified of results upon completion of marking and moderation by the Awarding body. Certificates will be processed in accordance with Awarding body.

Replacement Certificates

On request learners may obtaining replacement certificates can be obtained following the Awarding bodies policy.


Any learner who fails an examination can retake as many times as they like.

Appeals Against Results

Any learner wishing to appeal against an examination result can do so by invoking the Appeals Procedure.