a. Tutors [Internal Assessors} will have the qualifications and experience to deliver [train and assess] the qualification identified.
b. Arko Training Ltd will appraise [teaching] and verify [assessment] of its staff/associate tutors once a year and record the outcome of the annual review on IAQ Form one.
c. Suitable staff for undertaking an annual review will be Arko Training Ltd Internal Quality Assurers
d. Arko Training Ltd Internal Quality Assurers will attend a minimum of one standardisation meeting per year in December.
e. Arko Training Ltd Internal Quality Assurers will hold the required qualifications to fulfil this role.

Arko Training First Aid Internal Quality Policy

1) Candidates maybe continually assessed throughout the course by a suitably qualified tutor in England, Wales & Scotland. Training delivery in Northern Ireland has to be independently assessed. We reserve the right to assess any candidate independently.
2) Arko Training Ltd staff training and Internal Quality Assurance ensures that evidence of appropriate decisions are recorded throughout the training process.
3) Arko Training Ltd trainers will support assessment decisions with appropriate supporting comments on the assessment documentation for each candidate as required by the AOs.
4) Arko training Ltd Internal Quality Assurer will review assessment decisions, evidence taking and administration activity performed by the tutor.
5) Ideally the assessment decisions of the tutor and Quality Assurer should agree. This process is designed to identify differences in interpretation and maintain a common interpretation within Arko Training Ltd tutors.
6) Constructive analysis of the decisions made is to be encouraged.
7) Where assessment decisions differ, the tutor [Internal Assessor] and Quality Assurer will discuss decisions and interpretation of published assessment guidance documents. This discussion will be recorded. If further staff training is required this will be identified by Arko Training Ltd and provided by Arko Training Ltd.
8) Internal Quality Assurance*** documentation will be completed and retained for review and be available for the AOs and/or its regulators to view.
9) Quality Assurance documentation will be available for the AOs at their request,