Success of health and safety regulations
Duty of care applied to everyone
Key Responsibilities: Centre Manager
Induction on joining
Full training within two months
Visitors and contractors:
Use of protective clothing and equipment
Risk assessment of the premises of Arko training or any of it’s venues, employers and contractors
Regular risk monitoring
Good housekeeping
Electrical equipment
Harmful substances
First aid
Accident reporting
Fire safety
Safe access including for people with disabilities
Sanctions for breach

Since the introduction of strict health and safety regulations 30 years ago, deaths at work have fallen by three-quarters. Serious injury and long-term illness caused by exposure to hazardous processes and substances have also fallen sharply.
Despite that impressive progress in ensuring that working lives are healthy and secure, health and safety is sometimes mocked or ignored. Arko Training takes the health and safety of every learner, every member of staff, every visitor extremely seriously. It is the job of everyone at Arko Training not only to stay safe themselves, but to watch over the safety of others, intervening or reporting unsafe practices where necessary. Those duties are not only sensible but are legal obligations. They stand whether training is taking place at Arko Training venues or with one of Arko’s partner employers or contractors.

Leadership in health and safety is one of the responsibilities of the Centre Manager. On a day-to-day basis, the Centre Manger is responsible for the health and safety of all who have dealings with Arko Training. In law, everyone in the Arko Training employ or Training must act responsibly and carefully to achieve healthy and safe learning and work, under the guidance of those who are given the leadership roles.

Every learner and staff member of Arko Training receives a general introduction to health and safety on joining, and more detailed training related to their area of activity within two months. Visitors to Arko Training and contractors are given a summary of Arko training health and safety regulations and are supervised while they are on Arko Training premises. Learners must not use equipment for which they have not been trained and only carry out technical and practical work under supervision. The objective of training is to develop a healthy and safe working culture, to which everyone can subscribe.

Arko Training instructors and assessors are appropriately qualified and experienced to operate any equipment required to carry out Arko Training programmes of learning. They carry out a safety inspection of any training areas and a pre-training venue risk assessment is undertaken before learning begins. Centre Manager will carry out random inspections of the facilities and equipment to ensure safety of Arko Training staff and learners.
Employers’ premises or those of subcontractors, training areas are also checked by Arko Training staff before any learning takes place. Monitoring checks are carried out to ensure that any hazards or unsafe practices are identified, recorded and remedied.
Partner employers are required to produce their health and safety policies and procedures and to comply with the statutory regulations on reporting and investigating accidents. Partner employers and subcontractors are required to produce relevant certificates of insurance.

Safe and efficient learning and working are greatly helped by clean and orderly environments. Arko Training staff will
ensure that at its venues:
Corridors and passageways are sufficiently wide and free from obstruction
Floors are clean and dry
Rubbish and litter are removed from classrooms and theyare kept tidy
Emergency exits are clear
Signs are legible and clear
Equipment is clean and in good order
There is adequate lighting
There is appropriate heating, ventilation.
Shelving is not overloaded and heavy items are kept low
Materials are properly stored.

Arko Training staff will ensure that:
Only authorised and qualified people install, maintain and repair electrical equipment
Equipment is tested annually by a qualified person
Faulty equipment is secured beyond use
Multi-socket adaptors are not used

Arko Training Staff will ensure that:
Accidents and incidents are recorded on forms which match Health and Safety Executive guidelines
All accidents and incidents are investigated by the trainers
All serious accidents are reported to the Centre Manger
RIDDOR requirements are met (injury, diseases and dangerous occurrences’ register).