Bespoke training to suit your needs

Create a custom learning solution unique to your organisation.

Access our expert consulting & project management team to design & deliver a fully bespoke company learning solution.

Access & utilise the core learning content, adding your specific case studies or organisational examples Training, virtual sessions & coaching delivered by experts Consultants to help create customised learning programmes Flexible, turn-key managed learning services & project support

What are the key benefits of bespoke training?

We are able to provide tailored training sessions for organisations who want to improve their staff with training that meets the learners and employers needs.

With our bespoke training model we work with you to ensure the course is most relevant to your staff. We can deliver at your premises so your staff make the best use of their time, or hold the training at our centres.

You don’t need huge groups either; bespoke training courses can run with just a small number of staff, and it really is cost effective. Quite simply we put you in the driving seat.

At Arko Training we pride ourselves on delivering a high-quality learning experience – be it at our venue or within your own office space.

Through our experience of working with clients

We understand how training works and have the know-how to design and deliver accredited and non-accredited programmes that really makes a difference. And brings your team together to learn and discuss the unique circumstances of your organisation in a strategic environment.