Our virtual learning courses are designed to recreate a classroom experience online, enabling full interactions with the learning professional leading the course

Whatever your circumstances, gain a recognised qualification. Our virtual learning courses use Google Meet conferencing software. 

Step 1

Just before the course begins you will be able to launch the software and familiarise yourself with the interface and how the virtual interactions work.

Step 2

During each session you will be able to hear everything the learning professional is describing and view exactly what they are demonstrating, directly on your screen.

What are the benefits?

Access to experts 

Receive full support from our learning professionals for the duration of your course.


Access training from home, the office or anywhere with internet access.


Save money on training and expenses like transport, meals, hotels, and childcare.


Our technology makes our online courses the same high quality as our classroom training.


Reduce time out of the office and time spent travelling to and from training centres.