Immediate Management of Anaphylaxis Awareness - Distance Learning (CPD)

Immediate Management of Anaphylaxis Awareness - Distance Learning (CPD)

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An Anaphylactic shock, or anaphylaxis, is a life-threatening, serious allergic reaction to an allergen such as food substances or insect stings. If it is not treated appropriately, it may cause death.


When administering a medication, it is important to recognise and differentiate between allergic reactions and the potentially life-threstening anaphylactic reactions immediately. It is also essential to determine whether the individual has had allergic or anaphylactic response to the medication in the past or prior to administration.

Course Contents

Topics include the safe treatment of severe allergic reactions and relevant basic life support techniques.

The full course content is:

  • The legalities of treating Anaphylaxis
  • Common causes of allergic reactions
  • Recognition of the signs and symptoms
  • Administration of auto-injectors
  • Recording the use of auto-injectors
  • Preparing to carry out basic life support

Assessment and Certification

Candidates are assessed during each practical activity throughout the course.

On completing the Auto-injector training each candidate will receive a certificate. The certificate achieved on this course is valid for life, however we recommend that the course be re-taken after 3 years to refresh knowledge and ensure that the candidates are kept up to date with any recommended changes to practice.

The assessment is taken on completion of the training material. You will recieve a quality assured certificate in the post. This can be used to provide evidence for compliance and audit.

This courses is accredited by the CPD Accreditation Office which is a universally accepted Continuing Professional Development (CPD) accreditation.

CPD Accreditation

Who needs Anaphylaxis and EpiPen training?

Anaphylaxis and Auto-injector training is ideally suited for those working in environments where auto-injectors may be required. They are common in workplaces such as:

  • Schools
  • Nurseries
  • Nursing Homes
  • Child Care Facilities

First Aid for Schools

We can organise staff training around school holidays, training days and are also able to offer weekend or evening courses.

For group bookings simply complete the form on CONTACT US with details of your request.

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