Level 2 Award for Personal Licence Holders Distance Learning (RQF)

Level 2 Award for Personal Licence Holders Distance Learning (RQF)

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Take the first step towards gaining a Personal Licence by completing this level 2 Award for Personal Licence Holders (ALPH) training course.

Retailers of alcohol are required, by law, to have a named designated premises supervisor who requires a valid personal licence. After completing this course, candidates can then apply for a Personal Licence from their local authority.

Once gained, the designated premise supervisor can legally authorise the sale of alcohol to the general public. Therefore, this is a crucial course for businesses such as pubs, restaurants and hotels.

Course Contents

Over the course, candidates will gain an understanding of the licensing laws and the current regulations surrounding the sale of alcohol.

The full course content is:

  • The Licencing Act 2003
  • Licensing authorities and policy
  • Licensable activities
  • The role of a Licence Holder
  • Applying for a Personal Licence
  • Premise Licences
  • Unauthorised licensable activities
  • Sale, purchase and consumption of alcohol – under 18s
  • Powers and enforcement
  • Temporary Event Notices
  • Early morning alcohol restriction orders

Assessment & Certification

Assessment requires completion of a 40 question multiple-choice exam paper, with the pass mark set at 70%.

Each candidate will receive a workbook to support learning through the course and for reference in the workplace.

Successful candidates will receive a certificate, accredited by Highfield Qualifications, enabling application for a Personal Licence.

Who needs personal licence training?

This course is for designated premises supervisors and those needing to authorise the sale of alcohol on a licensed premise. It is suitable for those looking to progress into a supervisory role within alcohol sales.

Businesses that require a Personal Licence Holder include:

  • Bars/Pubs
  • Restaurants
  • Off Licences
  • Mobile bars
  • Hotels

How long is a Personal Licence valid?

From the date the Personal Licence is granted, it is valid for 10 years, and has the possibility of being renewed for additional 10-year periods.

How do you apply for a Personal Licence?

Applications need to be made to the correct licensing authority – often in local council area.

Bear in mind, anyone wishing to gain a Licence will need to meet certain criteria:

  • They are at least 18 years old
  • They hold an accredited qualification (as obtained on successful completion of this course)
  • Their personal licence has not been forfeited within the last 5 years

In addition, applicants are required to complete an application form and enclose:

  • An original certificate of qualification
  • Two passport style photographs (one signed as a true likeness of the applicant)
  • Recent evidence of criminal convictions such as a basic disclosure certificate (only unspent criminal convictions are relevant to a Personal Licence Application)
  • An application fee

The Licensing Act 2003 Aims

The aims of the Licensing Act are to:

  • Protect the public from alcohol-related crime, nuisance and anti-social behaviour
  • Provide the police with powers to deal with problem premises
  • Recognise the role of licensed premises in communities

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